Why you need a Silk Pillowcase

At the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself to take better care of my skin and hair. My mum suggested trying out a Silk pillowcase because she was fed of up my constant moaning about waking up with creases on my face from lying in one position and not to mention my frizzy, uncontrollable mess of hair.

The only down side is that some Silk fabrics hold onto heat, therefore making you sweat, so I wanted to make sure that I found a good quality Silk, because let me tell you, they don’t come cheap. My husband and I decided to use our John Lewis Wedding gift voucher to make the splurge, plus it was the only place I could find that stocked it in white as most websites only seemed to have Ivory (you can tell we’re getting old when we’re excited about Silk pillowcases…what has married life done to us?!) So, the question is, has it been worth the investment?

People said I would see the benefits immediately, but at first I just couldn’t tell a difference. I kept slipping down the pillow, and instantly regretted spending so much on something I thought I wouldn’t use. Fast forward to a couple of weeks later and now I can’t go to bed without it!

Not only do I feel like I’m sleeping in luxury, but the Silk feels so smooth against my skin and hair. My hair no longer feels like it’s getting dragged around when I toss and turn, instead it just glides across the pillow, keeping frizz to a minimum. I love how cooling it feels against my skin, especially convenient for these hot summery nights we’ve been having here in the UK recently.

The great thing I’ve noticed since changing to a Silk pillowcase is that my night creams no longer get absorbed into the fabric like they did with my standard cotton pillowcase. This is because silk is made up of protein fibres, meaning all the lotions and potions I slap on my face before bed are no longer getting soaked up. And c’mon, who wants to waste all that hard work and dollar trying to keep skin moisturised for it all to get wasted on a pillowcase? Not me. Silk is the way forward let me tell you!

Whilst my skin works overtime during the night; taking it’s time to repair and regenerate, I can now relax with my lavender scented candles and drift off on my luxe silk pillowcase, without the worry of creasing up my face and waking up with hair resembling Marv from Home Alone when he got electrocuted (Google it if you don’t know)! Hallelujah! So if you’re thinking of making the switch to Silk, I say go for it, it definitely has a thumbs up from me!


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