L’oreal Elvive Dream Lengths

Do you ever see hair commercials on TV and wonder how the models have such luscious looking locks with not a split end in sight? I definitely do, so when I heard about the new  L’oreal Elvive hair care range ‘Dream Lengths’ claiming to help restore and protect split ends so you don’t need a haircut quite as often, I couldn’t help but add it to my basket.

My hair is medium to long in length and prone to split ends (definitely due to the fact I avoid a trip to the hairdressers at all costs). I really wish I was one of those people that enjoy having their haircut and soak up what should be relaxing ‘me’ time. But I’m just not that gal. Instead, I sit there staring in the mirror with fear clearly written all across my face, wondering if they’re going to chop too much off, (which, let me tell you, has definitely been the case one too many times!) So you can imagine my joy when I got my hands on the new collection.

The mixture of ingredients including Keratin, Vitamins and Castor Oil sounded like it could transform my limp, lifeless looking hair to somewhat red carpet ready. 

I picked up all four products from the range whilst Boots had an offer on: (The Restoring Shampoo, Detangling Conditioner, Long Hair Mask & No Haircut Cream; the latter is really what sold it to me). To say my expectations were high would be an understatement. 

The first thing I noticed was the scent and the added sparkle, it instantly reminded me of holiday. I’ve been so impressed with the results and highly recommend the Dream Lengths range. Not only does it leave my hair smelling divine, but it looks so much healthier with less visible split ends and feels more nourished and silky smooth! What more could I ask for?

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