Not Another Glossier Review

That’s right, you’re probably thinking ‘not another Glossier blog post.’ But there’s a reason why everyone freakin’ loves this brand and if like me, you love the ‘no makeup, makeup look’ then Glossier will be your new best friend.

20180201131059_IMG_1072 (2)
Before Glossier arrived in the UK, I had the chance to visit their Showroom in New York whilst on our honeymoon. The store was such a unique experience, definitely unlike any other store I’d shopped in before. We exited the lift and stepped into a bright, fresh room filled with beauty and skincare products. Staff were bumbling around in boiler suits (pretty baby pink ones might I add) much to my husbands amusement and customers were ticking off their checklists and sampling the products on display.

After watching endless Youtube videos and reviews I’d already made a list of things I’d had my eye on. Though I didn’t purchase everything on my list; I figured I’d get a few bits and see if my sensitive skin agreed with the products first (now I wish I’d bought more because I am obsessed.) I knew Glossier were launching in the UK when we returned so I am yet to place an order and try out some more bits.

I came away with the Glossier Skin Tint in shades Light and Medium (the medium is definitely more my colour) and I have to say I am obsessed with this product!! I find myself reaching for it most days when I have ‘good skin days’. It lightly evens out my skin tone, has a very very sheer finish, blurs any redness I have (which I tend to get on my cheeks) and gives me a nice healthy glow. It does exactly what it claims to do and is now a must have essential in my beauty bag.

I also grabbed their Stretch Concealer in the shade light which is great for hiding whilst brightening my dark under eyes. It’s very hydrating under the eyes and doesn’t settle in to my fine lines which is a definitely a winner for me! I need to grab this in the shade medium to use as a concealer for the rest of my face as the light is just a little too light for anywhere else.

Whilst at the showroom I also picked up 2 of their Cloud Paints in shades Dusk and Beam. These are cream blushers and so easy to blend out with fingers. At the moment I do find myself reaching for Dusk more than Beam but sometimes I mix the two shades together. Dusk is a more pinky/brown shade and Beam is a coral which I will definitely use more of in the Summer months when I have a tan. They’re the perfect everyday subtle cheek colours and they’ll last a while as a small drop goes a long way.

20180201164221_IMG_1102 (2)20180201_15030220180201163201_IMG_1085 (2)20180201_150641 (2)
The final product I had to get my hands on was the Glossier Haloscope in the colour Quartz. This is such a natural looking, creamy highlight which leaves a soft dewy glow on the skin. I reach for this every single day, I will never be without this product now! It’s so lightweight yet buildable and doesn’t look like makeup on the skin. I find the best way to apply this is with dabbing motions on the high points of the face.

Sometimes when there is such a big hype over a new brand or product it can be disappointing if it doesn’t live up to it’s expectations but Glossier certainly didn’t disappoint. Maybe I’m taking the Glossier fan girl a step too far but I seriously think I’m going to get the Glossier Sweater too!

Rumours have been flying about that Glossier may be about to release an eye shadow after they posted an Instagram photo of Queen Bey with a hint in the caption. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled!

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