Our Wedding Day

Welcome to the best day of my life, 19th October 2017. It was 7.30am and I was waking up to the sun shining through our Park Central Hotel room, with the best city in the world staring back at me. I was in New York and I was getting married in just a few hours. I felt like I was in a dream.

I started getting ready whilst my soon to be husband was collecting my bouquet and the buttonhole from the Florist who kindly made up our flowers with less that 24 hours notice. I honestly can’t recommend them enough, nothing was too much trouble.
When Jonah returned to our room I was over the moon with my flowers. They were exactly what I’d wanted! He had also grabbed us some patisseries and grapes from the deli across the street.



The only tradition we had kept secret was my dress, (does that count when Jonah had to do it up at the back for me without looking? I’ll say yes!) I’d had my eye on a dress online for a while but didn’t want to pay the price tag. With just over a week before we were due to fly out, the dress went into the sale (it must have been a sign!!). Talk about last minute. (I did have a back up dress though in case this dress fell through.) It ticked all the right boxes, I wanted something simple, classy and nothing crazy overpriced so when I saw this dress reduced from £275 to £78 I just had to get it! The embellishment around the neckline is simply stunning and the fit was just perfect!


After revealing my dress, we hailed a yellow cab who took us to the West side entrance of Central Park and we made our way to Wagners Cove.


We arrived a few minutes before our Officiant and Photographer and we were overwhelmed with how beautiful the spot was. Once the Officiant and Photographer arrived our ceremony began; it felt very intimate and relaxed, just what we wanted. Some people had stopped to watch the ceremony, but in that moment, it was just me and my husband. After a few minutes we were pronounced husband and wife, and I don’t think anything could take the big grin off of our faces.


Our photographer then took us to some well known spots within Central Park which were truly breathtaking.



Bow Bridge


Cherry Hill Fountain

Bethesda Terrace (Definitely felt like I was in an episode of Gossip Girl)


We loved that our photographer captured this shot of us throwing leaves as confetti!



Cat Rock


We ended the photo’s at Cat Rock which literally felt like we were stood in front of a backdrop! Totally mind blowing!

After an hour of photo’s (and a few blisters along the way), we hopped onto a pedicab (which I had been begging Jonah to do from the minute we had landed in NYC) which took us to The Loeb Boathouse where we had reservations for our wedding lunch.

We were taken to our seats, where we had a stunning view of the lake. It was the perfect setting for our wedding lunch. People passing were congratulating us. The atmosphere was just surreal.

Within minutes of being seated, the waiter brought over 2 glasses of champagne courtesy of a couple behind us. We were so overwhelmed by their kindness. Such a lovely gesture really made our day that extra bit special. We enjoyed a 3 course meal, which I have to say was probably one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had. (For someone who hates fish, I had crab cakes for starter and they were delicious!)
After eating our body weight in scrumptious food we asked for the bill, only for the waiter to inform us that another couple in the restaurant who wished to remain anonymous had paid for our meal. They had left just before we ordered dessert so the waiter didn’t want to assume they were paying for that so they gave us the dessert on the house. He then handed us this note from the couple. We were so overwhelmed by the kindness of others, we had tears in our eyes.


Still to this day we have no idea who these people were but it really made our wedding day even more memorable and we will be forever thankful. If for some crazy coincidence the couple who bought our lunch ever read this, you have no idea how much that meant to us and we thank you with all our heart. It is clear that there are still some genuinely incredible people in this world.

After a few hours of relaxing back at the hotel, we freshened up and headed to Rainbow Rooms at the Rockefeller where we spent the evening enjoying cocktails with the most spectacular view of New York City.

IMG-20171020-WA0072 (1)

After a few too many, we made our way back to our hotel room where we stopped by Ray’s and picked up one large cheese pizza just for us.

Whenever I imagined or dreamt of my wedding day, I never thought I’d be in New York eating a Ray’s Pizza on the night of my wedding but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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