The Dachshund Down-low

Mummy has let me take her over blog today, she says I’m mature enough to use her laptop now that I’ve turned 1.

Because it’s been nearly a year since my humans bought me home and so many people always stop and ask us what it’s like having me, she’s told me to give you guys what she calls ‘The Dachshund Down-low.’ Basically, all the naughty things I get up to behind closed doors. So for those of you who may be thinking of getting a Miniature Sausage Dog like me, then you may not want to keep reading!

1. For such a small dog, we have one hell of a bark on us. You’ll hear us before you see us that’s for sure! 

2. Your bed is now my bed and let me tell you, these long bodies can reallyyyy stretch out

3. I like to leave mummy and daddy little surprises around the house. Surprise meaning poops when their not looking

4. My favourite chews stink to high heaven. Who even knew that pizzles, aka bulls penis, was so yummy? I once stayed at my girlfriends house and her mum took us to a really posh restaurant and whipped one of these bad boys out – she had absolutely no idea what they were because my humans didn’t think to tell her!


5. Personal space is no longer a thing, even bath time you have company

6. When you ride up front and make daddy sit in the back, he knows the pecking order in this family


7. When you see your humans kiss you gotta get involved too

8. Every human who enters the house definitely needs their face cleaned

9. When you know to keep your stinky treats on the blanket but persist on bringing it onto their new sofa

10. Rain. I’m not walking. Nope. I’ll just sit right here thank you.


11. You have a better social life than your humans

12. When 50+ of us sausages take over the local parks/beaches they don’t know what they’re in for


13. You have your own Instagram page with more followers than your humans

14. Cause you’re small you get away with more. I even get my own handbag to be carried around in and when they’re not looking I climb on to the tables 

15. You have a bigger wardrobe than your humans. I had 2 Barbour jackets before daddy even got one!

16. No toy lasts longer than 2 minutes and then they ‘go to hospital’ aka, the bin

17. No walk is complete without hearing people ‘ohh and ahh’ over you with the odd ‘look there’s a sausage dog’ thrown in

18. When you’re just too cute so people stop and ask to take photos of you. Where’s my modelling career at?!

19. When you ignore all dogs in the park but as soon as you spot a fellow sausage you’re gone

20. People think we don’t need much exercise, but boy can we walk

21. These lil legs can outrun my humans. I’d give Mo Farah a run for his money

22. Must dig at the bed sheet a thousand times before bedtime

23. Stubborn is my middle name

24. If there’s a blanket in sight then it has my name on it. I’ll either chew a hole in it or burrow so watch where you sit!


25. But most importantly, I bring a smile to my humans faces every single day and they wouldn’t change a thing about me…


My Wedding Look

I had always planned to do my own bridal makeup on my wedding day. I wanted to make sure I felt and looked like myself, just a more polished version. If I’d had someone else do my makeup I feared I’d look back at the photo’s and not recognize myself so I knew  I wanted to give it a go.


My main priority when it came to doing my own makeup was making sure my temperamental skin was looking it’s best, so with that in mind, 2 months prior to the wedding, I began drinking hot lemon once a day, 5 days a week. I’d read so many benefits of doing this and I have to say I noticed a big difference. My skin looked much more radiant and a lot less dull.

With the run up to the wedding I was also using my trusty Clarins Hydraquench Cream Mask and Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream to ensure my skin stayed nice and hydrated. 


I’d been trying out a few new foundations in the run up to the big day, none of which suited my skin or gave me the coverage I wanted. After trying out various new products and none of them working, I figured I’d just keep it simple and keep to my normal everyday makeup but a little bit more.

I was unsure whether to stick to traditional pink tones or more bronze shades but as I had a tan (We were lucky enough to get a mini heatwave a few weeks before so I tried to catch as many rays as possible) I decided to stick to my summer makeup look.

I was impressed with how well the makeup lasted throughout the day, especially in 25 degree heat in the middle of what was supposed to be Autumn in New York.

The only product I needed to top up was my lipstick, (I blame it on too many newly wed kisses) which my husband kindly kept in his suit pocket for me to touch up throughout photo’s.



I kept my eyes very subtle with a light wash of neutral shimmery shades over the lids  (shades Bootycall and Verve from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette) and brown tones from the same palette to line my eyes. I’ve always found lining my eyes with eye shadow looks a lot softer on me.

20180208_185702 (1).jpg

In the evening I added some of the Kevyn Aucoin Diamond Eye Gloss which added some extra sparkle to my lids. I also topped up my under eye concealer ‘cus lets face it who wants dark circles on their wedding day!



For hair, I kind of winged it on the day. I knew I was going to curl it so I used my trusty Mark Hill Wicked Waver Wand (which was the best Christmas present ever, I don’t know what I’d do without it! My curls last for days with this.) I decided to go with a simple half up half down style which stayed in place all day and night. I used a clear elastic to secure the hair and a touch of hairspray.



For the final touches I kept my jewellery simple and wore a special pair of earrings my mum had given me, along with my engagement ring and soon to be wedding band. I spritzed my favourite YSL Fragrance, popped on my wedding shoes and was ready to go get hitched!


20180208_152242 (1)



The Final Makeup Look


A little worse for wear, we returned back to our hotel room, married and makeup still in tact! I was so glad I didn’t put too much pressure on myself and felt like me on our special day.


A list of products used on my big day are listed below:

Kevyn Aucoin The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss – Holographic Cosmic

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation – Buff

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlight – Pearl

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand – Shade 1

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair 1

Elf Stipple Brush

Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette Naked 2

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick – Bitch Perfect

Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick – Sweet Rose

Ted Baker Lip and Cheek Tint (This is no longer for sale, I received it in a gift set for Christmas a few years back)

Not Another Glossier Review

That’s right, you’re probably thinking ‘not another Glossier blog post.’ But there’s a reason why everyone freakin’ loves this brand and if like me, you love the ‘no makeup, makeup look’ then Glossier will be your new best friend.

20180201131059_IMG_1072 (2)
Before Glossier arrived in the UK, I had the chance to visit their Showroom in New York whilst on our honeymoon. The store was such a unique experience, definitely unlike any other store I’d shopped in before. We exited the lift and stepped into a bright, fresh room filled with beauty and skincare products. Staff were bumbling around in boiler suits (pretty baby pink ones might I add) much to my husbands amusement and customers were ticking off their checklists and sampling the products on display.

After watching endless Youtube videos and reviews I’d already made a list of things I’d had my eye on. Though I didn’t purchase everything on my list; I figured I’d get a few bits and see if my sensitive skin agreed with the products first (now I wish I’d bought more because I am obsessed.) I knew Glossier were launching in the UK when we returned so I am yet to place an order and try out some more bits.

I came away with the Glossier Skin Tint in shades Light and Medium (the medium is definitely more my colour) and I have to say I am obsessed with this product!! I find myself reaching for it most days when I have ‘good skin days’. It lightly evens out my skin tone, has a very very sheer finish, blurs any redness I have (which I tend to get on my cheeks) and gives me a nice healthy glow. It does exactly what it claims to do and is now a must have essential in my beauty bag.

I also grabbed their Stretch Concealer in the shade light which is great for hiding whilst brightening my dark under eyes. It’s very hydrating under the eyes and doesn’t settle in to my fine lines which is a definitely a winner for me! I need to grab this in the shade medium to use as a concealer for the rest of my face as the light is just a little too light for anywhere else.

Whilst at the showroom I also picked up 2 of their Cloud Paints in shades Dusk and Beam. These are cream blushers and so easy to blend out with fingers. At the moment I do find myself reaching for Dusk more than Beam but sometimes I mix the two shades together. Dusk is a more pinky/brown shade and Beam is a coral which I will definitely use more of in the Summer months when I have a tan. They’re the perfect everyday subtle cheek colours and they’ll last a while as a small drop goes a long way.

20180201164221_IMG_1102 (2)20180201_15030220180201163201_IMG_1085 (2)20180201_150641 (2)
The final product I had to get my hands on was the Glossier Haloscope in the colour Quartz. This is such a natural looking, creamy highlight which leaves a soft dewy glow on the skin. I reach for this every single day, I will never be without this product now! It’s so lightweight yet buildable and doesn’t look like makeup on the skin. I find the best way to apply this is with dabbing motions on the high points of the face.

Sometimes when there is such a big hype over a new brand or product it can be disappointing if it doesn’t live up to it’s expectations but Glossier certainly didn’t disappoint. Maybe I’m taking the Glossier fan girl a step too far but I seriously think I’m going to get the Glossier Sweater too!

Rumours have been flying about that Glossier may be about to release an eye shadow after they posted an Instagram photo of Queen Bey with a hint in the caption. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled!

Our Wedding Day

Welcome to the best day of my life, 19th October 2017. It was 7.30am and I was waking up to the sun shining through our Park Central Hotel room, with the best city in the world staring back at me. I was in New York and I was getting married in just a few hours. I felt like I was in a dream.

I started getting ready whilst my soon to be husband was collecting my bouquet and the buttonhole from the Florist who kindly made up our flowers with less that 24 hours notice. I honestly can’t recommend them enough, nothing was too much trouble.
When Jonah returned to our room I was over the moon with my flowers. They were exactly what I’d wanted! He had also grabbed us some patisseries and grapes from the deli across the street.



The only tradition we had kept secret was my dress, (does that count when Jonah had to do it up at the back for me without looking? I’ll say yes!) I’d had my eye on a dress online for a while but didn’t want to pay the price tag. With just over a week before we were due to fly out, the dress went into the sale (it must have been a sign!!). Talk about last minute. (I did have a back up dress though in case this dress fell through.) It ticked all the right boxes, I wanted something simple, classy and nothing crazy overpriced so when I saw this dress reduced from £275 to £78 I just had to get it! The embellishment around the neckline is simply stunning and the fit was just perfect!


After revealing my dress, we hailed a yellow cab who took us to the West side entrance of Central Park and we made our way to Wagners Cove.


We arrived a few minutes before our Officiant and Photographer and we were overwhelmed with how beautiful the spot was. Once the Officiant and Photographer arrived our ceremony began; it felt very intimate and relaxed, just what we wanted. Some people had stopped to watch the ceremony, but in that moment, it was just me and my husband. After a few minutes we were pronounced husband and wife, and I don’t think anything could take the big grin off of our faces.


Our photographer then took us to some well known spots within Central Park which were truly breathtaking.



Bow Bridge


Cherry Hill Fountain

Bethesda Terrace (Definitely felt like I was in an episode of Gossip Girl)


We loved that our photographer captured this shot of us throwing leaves as confetti!



Cat Rock


We ended the photo’s at Cat Rock which literally felt like we were stood in front of a backdrop! Totally mind blowing!

After an hour of photo’s (and a few blisters along the way), we hopped onto a pedicab (which I had been begging Jonah to do from the minute we had landed in NYC) which took us to The Loeb Boathouse where we had reservations for our wedding lunch.

We were taken to our seats, where we had a stunning view of the lake. It was the perfect setting for our wedding lunch. People passing were congratulating us. The atmosphere was just surreal.

Within minutes of being seated, the waiter brought over 2 glasses of champagne courtesy of a couple behind us. We were so overwhelmed by their kindness. Such a lovely gesture really made our day that extra bit special. We enjoyed a 3 course meal, which I have to say was probably one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had. (For someone who hates fish, I had crab cakes for starter and they were delicious!)
After eating our body weight in scrumptious food we asked for the bill, only for the waiter to inform us that another couple in the restaurant who wished to remain anonymous had paid for our meal. They had left just before we ordered dessert so the waiter didn’t want to assume they were paying for that so they gave us the dessert on the house. He then handed us this note from the couple. We were so overwhelmed by the kindness of others, we had tears in our eyes.


Still to this day we have no idea who these people were but it really made our wedding day even more memorable and we will be forever thankful. If for some crazy coincidence the couple who bought our lunch ever read this, you have no idea how much that meant to us and we thank you with all our heart. It is clear that there are still some genuinely incredible people in this world.

After a few hours of relaxing back at the hotel, we freshened up and headed to Rainbow Rooms at the Rockefeller where we spent the evening enjoying cocktails with the most spectacular view of New York City.

IMG-20171020-WA0072 (1)

After a few too many, we made our way back to our hotel room where we stopped by Ray’s and picked up one large cheese pizza just for us.

Whenever I imagined or dreamt of my wedding day, I never thought I’d be in New York eating a Ray’s Pizza on the night of my wedding but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


How to elope in New York City

On October 19th 2017, my husband and I said ‘I DO’ in New York City. Since then, a number of people have asked us how we did it so I thought I would compile all the information and create a guide which will hopefully help others who may want to elope!


Firstly, decide if you want to marry at City Hall or get an officiant who can marry you anywhere you like.

We chose an Officiant to marry us  who was recommended to us by our photographer.

We booked our Photographer who we found after an extensive Google search. Finding a photographer we liked was probably the most tricky part of all as I had a particular style in mind and as you can imagine New York City has thousands of photographers to choose from. As soon as I came across Nicki’s page I loved her work and got in touch. Nicki was absolutely fantastic from the beginning and throughout; she gave us a list of contacts from officiants she had worked with to florists and hair stylists. Not to mention we had our wedding photo’s back after 2 weeks of getting married and we are over the moon with them! Nicki kindly acted as our witness (we only needed one witness).

Note – You can book a photographer whenever you like, we did this at the same time as booking our officiant to make sure they both had our date and time available.

Once you have found an officiant to marry you, you will need to apply for a marriage license.

We applied for our marriage license a week before travelling to America to save time when we arrived (application can be found here). The marriage license expires after 21 days so don’t apply too far in advance. Applying for the license is free of charge and takes not even 5 minutes to fill in. The application is simple and asks questions such as parents names, places of birth, any previous marriages etc. Upon completion, you will be given a confirmation number to print out and take with you to the City Clerks Office where you will finalize your application in person.

To do this you must both attend the City Clerks Office together. Here you will go through security to reach an information desk where you will be given a form to fill in along with a ticket. Fill in the form, wait for your ticket number to be called and present the application to a clerk alongside your ID (for us, this was our passports as we are overseas visitors). You must then pay $35 via Credit Card or Money Order, payable to the City Clerk. You will then receive your marriage license, wahoo!!! Once you have your marriage license, you must wait 24 hours before you can get married.

This process took us 15 minutes on a Tuesday morning.

We got married at Wagners Cove, Central Park on October 19th 2017, just the two of us and it truly was the most magical day of our lives.


We needed to obtain an Extended Certificate to ensure our marriage was legal in the UK. To do this, go back to the City Clerks office with your Short Certificate which you would have been given on your wedding day, along with both your ID. At reception, ask for an Extended Certificate Request Form and take this to the Records Room which is directly opposite the reception desk. You will be given a ticket number again, wait for your number to be called and your paperwork will be checked. You must then pay another $35 via credit card/money order and your Extended Certificate will be issued.

This process took us approx 30 mins on a Thursday afternoon. You can apply for the Extended Certificate as soon as you are married.

Head over the road to the County Clerks Office which is located in the Supreme Court Building, 60 Centre St, New York, NY 10007. Go through security and take the lift down to Room 141-B in the Basement. Get the certificate signed at the Notary Public Desk for $3 Cash only.

This process took us 5 minutes on a Friday morning at time of opening. We even got there 15mins too early so grabbed a Starbucks and sat on a bench opposite admiring the beautiful buildings.
Note – Our camera was temporarily confiscated after going through metal detectors.

Take your signed Extended Certificate to the Department of State Apostille, 123 William Street, New York, NY 10038. Here you will get an Apostille to authenticate the document. This costs $1 Money Order ONLY. Getting a money order is quick and easy. We used a 7-ELEVEN on 111 John Street, New York, NY, 10038.

You can get a money order from most pharmacies and 7-ELEVEN stores, we chose the one above as this was round the corner.

This process took us 15 minutes on a Friday morning.
Please note – the address given to us on our instructions from City Hall instructed us to go to the New York State Department of State which is next door to the actual building you need.

You may find you have to queue longer in each building if you choose to go at busier times of the day i.e. a Friday afternoon.
If you have been previously divorced you will need a decree absolute as part of your documentation.

The whole process for us was very quick and simple and I can’t recommend it enough. We had our wedding and honeymoon in one of the most amazing cities in the world, what could be more perfect?


Please bear in mind that all of the above information is a personal guide and as far as I am aware this guidance is still current on today’s date 18.01.18. However, please be sure to check all official information both in the UK and the State of New York.